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At 1977 we have options, so you can work the way you like.

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Commission Stylists at 1977, are always given new clients first. We aim to surround ourselves with motivated individuals who work hard to promote themselves, and their work in a current + professional manor.

In-salon classes are always our treat, and any necessary mannequin heads and products for training are provided to you at no additional cost. If there's a class you wanna take outside of the salon-

1977 will work with you on sharing the cost.

There's potential for retail commission on a sliding scale- the more you sell, the more you earn.

As a commission stylist- you're on our payroll, which means you receive EI and vacation pay! This also means we're able to work on your promotions with you, and streamline any kind of 1977 giveaways + donations to be mutually beneficial for both the stylists + recipients!

Chair Rent.

As a Chair Renter (or Independent) at 1977 Salon, you're in total control of your finances, schedule, + time off, while still benefitting from a team atmosphere.

Our Independents are welcome to all in house training at no cost, however if there's a need for mannequins or the materials this cost is not included. Any additional training outside 1977 is completely up to you, and at your personal expense.

Our Independent Stylists' clientele is based on return customers and referrals. Retail Commission is offered using the same guidelines as the Commission Stylists. Our Chair Renters are excluded from 1977 promotions + giveaways- as independent stylists, they're in charge of their own promotions + referral programs.

We welcome all Chair Renters to use 1977 Backbar Products, Chemical and Color Products, tracking usage through an app called Salonscale. To see what lines we carry at 1977 please refer to the menu and click here:


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