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1977 is a space where like-minded, creative professionals can come together as a community to better serve their clients, while supporting each other’s personal growth in their industry.  Leadership, ingenuity and creativity are all traits shared by our group of creative individuals.

As our industry evolves and grows, we see the need for a salon to support these traits and encourage individuals to be their own boss and in charge of their careers. We support and help mentor that development in our salon. Evolving from the well-known and established, Salon Fli - 1977 was born with a new brand, identity and approach to the salon industry.

Our focus is on our clients and we invite them into our upscale, luxurious space – taking design nods from the mid-century modern movement and minimalism. We proudly work with well-known luxury retail brands that keep our planet’s well-being in mind and support environmental sustainability.

Visit 1977; a community of professionals supporting each other’s creativity & celebrating their independence. There's a reason why our clients believe we're the 
best salon in Calgary...

Come see for yourself!

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